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Ryan White
Climbing Photographer and Filmmaker
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

A woman wearing an orange top and black shorts is climbing a steep rock face. Her left hand is reaching for a small hold while her right hand grips the rock. The view is from above, showing the expanse of the rock and the greenery below.
A rock climber is hanging from the roof of a large cave with rugged, reddish rock formations. The climber is secured by a harness and rope, and a mountain range covered in green trees is visible in the background through the cave opening.
A rock climber wearing a white shirt and blue pants is bouldering on a large, overhanging boulder in a canyon with reddish rock walls. The scene includes climbing pads at the base of the boulder and sparse vegetation around.
A rock climber in a beige shirt and green shorts is gripping a vertical rock wall. His face shows determination as he carefully navigates the rough, tan-colored rock. The ground below is scattered with rocks and sparse vegetation.
Kai Lightner climbs in Spain.
A climber wearing a red shirt and black shorts ascends a vertical rock face, gripping the rough, tan rock with focused determination. Below him, a belayer stands on a blue tarp, holding the rope and watching closely.

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